People often ask me  why I have a lots of animals in my paintings.
I always think;  -Why not?

I'm a Swedish
contemporary artist who in addition to my own art, ie oil paintings in classic technique, also do a lot of portraits commissions.

My passion and never ending curiosity for this craft has led me to where I am to today.
In other words, I am blessed to be working with this full time.

Primarily I'm concerned with searching for satisfying the constant challenge of understanding how color and shape can provide both presence, depth and realism into something that comes out of a number of well-chosen brushstrokes.
And on top of that, with a head that never stops spitting out ideas, usually with an animal involved, with metaphors of what is going on in my life and my thoughts.

Or to say it short and concise...I'm workning with Yin and yang and chaos.
Thats what I do.


Född 1968 i Sundsvall

Born 1968 in Sundsvall, north of Sweden.


Utför även:

  • Porträttmåleri- Portrait commission
  • Föreläsningar/Kreativa Workshops- Lecture/Creative Workshops

För prisuppgifter



Referenser/ References

Representerad i privata samlingar i/Represented in private collections;

Norway, Mexico, France, England, Italy, USA, India, Sweden, Canada.


Represented by:
Drottnings Silvias Barnsjukhus
The Perfect World Foundation
LifeStyle Concept
Handelsbankens Konstförening

Calderys Konstförening

Lindex Konstförening

Sankt Jörgen Park Resort

Xelera Communication



Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa

Bostads Bolagets Konstförening

Higabs Konstförening





2016          The Gallery, Gothia Towers, Gothenburg
2015          Taras Hall Art Gallery, Partille

2015          Våning 3 Gallery, Gothenburg
2014          Gallery Lifestyle Concept
2014          Hotel Anglais, Stockholm
2013          Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg
2013          Elite Park Avenue Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg

2012          Magnus&Magnus, M2, Gothenburg

2012          Nääs Fabrikers Hotel Gallery, Tollered

2012          Galleri Långedrag, Gothenburg

2012          Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg

2011          Galleri Arken, Gothenburg

2011          Galleri Långedrag, Gothenburg

2010          Art Now Gallery, Gothenburg

2010          Vårsalongen Alingsås Art Gallery

2010          Brand Design Center, Gothenburg

2009          Brand Design Center, Gothenburg

2009          Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg

2008          Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg

2007          Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg

2006          Art Gallery, Stockholm

2006          Haga Gallery, Gothenburg

2005          Art Gallery, Stockholm

2005          InterArt Gallery, Gothenburg

2004          BQ of Sweden, Stockholm

2004          Art Gallery, Stockholm

2004          Art Se, Stockholm

2003          Wanselius Gallery, Gothenburg

2001          Lindholmen, Kulturdagarna, Gothenburg

2001          Lindholmen, Patricia, Gothenburg

1986          Vårsalongen, Karlskoga Konsthall


Uppdrag/ Assignments

2014          The Perfect World Foundation, "Save the Rhino 2014"
2014          Drottnings Silvias Barnsjukhus
1986-201  Porträttbeställningar, Privatpersoner

1999          SVT Göteborg/Göteborgs Operan

1998          Poseidon Göteborg, Utsmyckning

1997          Svenska Mässan Göteborg, Porträttmålning




2005          Konststipendiat, Art Gallery, Stockholm